Daesh or Islamic State is a terrorist group believing in jihadaism, Muslims and ultra-conservatives that are recognized worldwide for defending the radical foundations of Islam. The Islamic state is also known as ISIS, (Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham) or Daesh (transliteration of the Arabic acronym), the Islamic state uses brutal tactics of pure violence, against all people who do not follow sharia (religious law Islamic), among the bloody activities of punishment can be mentioned: crucification, beheading, mutilation, torture using electricity or progressive cuts of the body and other shocking actions that generate fear and anger throughout the world.

The Islamic State believes mainly, in an extreme variant of the religious law of Islam, literally, this people tries to follow all the teachings mentioned in the Koran, (the holy book of faith of Islam) which was supposedly written by the story of the prophet Muhammad.

The terrorist group that makes up Daesh, is also called the Islamic state because its members were a caliphate, in other words, it was under the command of a kind of government, which was led by a religious as well as a political representative, which continues to be the base. to this day of the laws of the State of Sharia. Currently the Islamic state is extended in a greater part of Syria and Iraq, which are under the government mandate of Caliph Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, the caliphate was officially sworn in in 2014 for the date of June 29 of the same year.