cross compliance

Conditionality is the set of conditions that something or someone must have or meet in order to receive help or benefit. Initially we can highlight from the concept of Conditionality everything related to the requirements and requests that something or someone do to be able to grant what corresponds. The requirements of a conditionality are for various purposes, in some cases, they suppose the complementation of a database in which the type of request is defined, why it is required and if it is possible to grant what is requested. Another essential form of conditionality is the fact that the conditions requested are part of what you want to obtain, for example: in a medical examination (x-ray), it is necessary for the patient to have a stomach and intestines lavage This is extremely necessary, otherwise the radiological image will not be completely clear.

Conditionality is applied mainly by institutions that offer public services and non-profit organizations that offer help to people who need it. The purpose of conditionality is basically to filter the aid, in order to avoid a collapse of the system. There are people dedicated to making fun of the benefits management system and trying to overvalue more than the scene that we have in the panorama, taking advantage of the resources that in many cases do not correspond to them. Conditionality helps in part to form a security system for those who do have the conditions required to be able to enjoy the aid offered to them.

Conditionality helps the evolution of the system, as well as generates more projection in the ideas that are held within the information and feeds the production chain of this in order to make the procedure more agile. In some cases, conditionality carries tools to include those who have been ignored by some systems that partialize the funds that should be allocated to aid, be it social, economic or productive. Conditionality is a high caliber administrative tool which provides an effective organization within the institutions that move masses of people, each with corresponding data.