The word crisis comes from the Greek “krisis” and in turn this from the verb “krinein” which is equivalent to separate or decide; This is a word that in our language has several meanings. Crisis is understood as the sudden change or alteration of great importance in the development or progress of some fact or event, and this alteration can be physical or metaphorical.

When speaking of crisis, reference is also made to scarcity, deprivation or lack; to expose a delicate, difficult and/or laborious situation. On the other hand crisis is used to define a person with violent and sudden changes in the course of an illness, and said person could get better or worse. A crisis can harm from a person or individual as such, to an entire country.

The human being, or a nation can go through different types of crisis, among them we can mention the economic crisis that can affect both entities; and this happens when the economy is at risk or recession, are those situations where an economic process is in depression or ruin either due to the lack of labor supply and consumption drops enormously. We can also find ourselves with a political crisis, it is when there is a conflict, dispute or collision that intimidates the prolongation of a government.

Finally we have nervous breakdowns, they are those that originate as a result of an experience or situation that traumatizes an individual or a situation of total stress that affects him, and he loses control of his emotions, all this can cause depression or different types of anxieties which could be aggravated needing the required medical attention.