Creativity is a quality of the human being that allows him to develop attitudes in favor of carrying out actions that Create and Innovate an idea. The consecration of a project is given by several factors that include a state of creativity to be able to carry out what is desired. It is a sense of each person and depending on the personality of the human being, this will develop the appropriate creativity in order to provide new horizons in what is already raised. Creativity and its application in matters of daily and common life produce a change in the generic, they can even lead to a consistent evolution in the task, making it more viable in the fundamental aspects of its execution.

Hand in hand with inventiveness and leadership, creativity founds concepts of development in the field that is established, this quality determines the strength and impetus with which a job is carried out, today, people who carry out tasks for institutions that constantly employ creative concepts in order to transform and improve the work environment. Creativity is the main tool of art, without it, the construction of a piece is monotonous if it has nothing new to exhibit, therefore artists today live in a world full of avant-garde and positive relationships between evolution and the new. By setting the concept towards economics and marketing, we obtain true situations of significant progress in solving financial problems.

Creativity is at the heart of new ideas proposed by those seeking to innovate the face of a product, or the way the consumer sees the product. Creativity allows practical ideas to be developed as a result of the imagination, however, it is logical to ask if it is logical and feasible to appreciate creativity even if it is presented to us from an abstract point of view. It is possible to be creative in any form of representation that exists in society, however the relationship between imagination and reality is not always possible, no matter how feasible the purpose that is sought to be fulfilled.