Creatinine is known as an organic compound that is produced from the degradation of creatine. This substance is a waste product of normal metabolism, which is carried out in the muscles, it is usually produced in the body at a very constant rate, however it also depends on muscle mass. This compound normally filtered by the kidneys excreting it in the urine. The measurement of creatinine is the simplest way to be able to monitor the correct function of the kidneys, for that reason, if there is an elevated level of creatinine in the blood, then it will reveal a kidney disorder, on the other hand if the level is reduced It is often associated with malnutrition.

Muscle metabolism generally uses creatine as a nutrient. This organic acid, when degraded, gives rise to creatinine, which must be excreted from the body. The measurement of creatinine, in this context, is one of the most used diagnostic methods due to its effectiveness, if you want to analyze the functioning of the kidneys.

It is very normal for a creatinine clearance test to be performed. In order to carry out this study, urine and a blood sample are collected, and then both amounts of creatinine are compared using a formula that allows clearance to be calculated. The result provides very useful information regarding the functioning of the kidneys and the degree of their insufficiency.

The levels of this substance in the blood can vary depending on the sex, age and weight of the person. This does not mean that there is no single adequate level in humans, but rather that the values ​​considered normal may be different according to the variables mentioned above.

Performing the serum creatinine measurement process is a simple test and is the most common indicator of kidney function. An increase in blood creatinine levels can only be perceived when there is marked damage to the nephrons. Therefore, this test is not suitable if you want to find early stages of kidney disease. A better assessment of kidney function is the creatinine clearance test, as mentioned above.