This term is related to the lack of the use of reason, it is linked to another term such as dementia, which also refers to the absence of the mental functions of an individual, which prevents him from carrying out normal activities. your daily activities.

Madness is associated with a mental disorder, which manifests itself when the individual begins to perceive reality in a distorted way, in addition to the appearance of hallucinations, and incoherent behaviors in their behavior. Alzheimer’s is a disease that represents one of the most frequent cases of madness today, this degenerative disease is gradually destroying people’s brains and usually appears in people over seventy-five years of age.

The word madness can also be used to refer to any daring or reckless act or maneuver, which, due to its strange peculiarity, is cause for astonishment. “Luisa got married yesterday to a young man she barely knew a month ago”, “Pepe bet his entire salary on horse racing.” The different societies of the world have implemented a series of paradigms or patterns of behavior considered normal by which all individuals should behave, any behavior outside these parameters can be considered crazy.

On the other hand, when we refer to the expression with madness, mention is being made of a desire or feeling, for which the term madness is used to indicate an emotion so strong and powerful that the person loses his sanity, prompting him to do anything. in order to get it. For example “Laura madly wants to marry Luis”.