A pact is an agreement, the establishment of rules and conditions to execute an action, either between two or more people. Pacts are considered a commitment, an agreement that must be respected to keep the ties and the task being performed by that pact in operation. A pact of friendship can keep a secret, 2 or more friends agree never to say something that happened, or they can also make a pact so that the friendship never ends, as I mentioned, a pact should never be broken.

A pact or treaty as it is called in some cases, can solidify relations between two countries that maintain business and political ties, it is common to see how the presidents of the countries sign agreements or pacts to consecrate a stable economy between them. The pacts have transcended among men since ancient times, the value and respect that a man was given in certain cases was demonstrated with the blood pacts that he could make to deserve a position in a kingdom or monarchy.

In general, an official pact like the one we had mentioned between countries to promote economic peace between countries is made in writing, this in case of any misunderstanding of the parties involved in it. It is important that they are reflected in a site and that in case of violation of this treaty, the pertinent documentation is used to solve the situation that puts the pact at risk.