This is the name the name given to the lifeless body of a person. Due to the mysticism that is universally granted to death, thousands of myths and legends have been fabricated about beings that return from death or corpses that revive; It is also due to that same interest in the enigma that death represents, that, scientifically, astronomical efforts have been made to investigate the details that surround it. It should be noted that, on some occasions, it can be used as a synonym for dead or inert. Although this term is usually used to refer to human remains, it can also be applied to animals.

In life, bonds are formed with a large number of people. Once the time has come to leave Earth, these subjects are likely to experience grief. That pain, in conjunction with the traditions and beliefs present since the oldest times in the history of mankind, were the trigger for the creation of numerous funeral ceremonies. Depending on the culture, the dead could be embalmed or not, coffins or coffins were built for them, in addition to being buried with their most precious belongings. Usually these farewell rites were of importance to the community from which the deceased came. Today, it is common for the remains of corpses to be buried or cremated.

Corpses, after some time, begin to decompose. This is enhanced after the grave, since the unfavorable conditions inside the coffin favor the rapid disappearance of body tissues. Finally, it is important to mention that there is a corpse-oriented paraphilia, which is called necrophilia.