Corporate image

The corporate image is the image that people have of a particular company, it is a global concept that they have about its activities and products. It is composed of different elements associated with perception. For example, it is possible to distinguish visual elements such as the logo, typography, color, etc., elements that the company uses so that when the public sees them, they immediately associate it with the company.

The design of the corporate image of a company is in charge of the public relations personnel of the same, they through advertising campaigns by the different media, will try to create an image based on the values ​​and principles of the company, trying to be consistent; It is very important that the corporate image, once designed and shown to the public, does not undergo modifications that confuse consumers, such as changing the color or the logo, etc.

The elements that make up a corporate image are:

The name of the company: represents the first perception that the public has.

The logo: they are words, images or a combination of both.

The slogan: it is one of the most important elements within the corporate image and for it to penetrate the public, it must be original and must also convey credibility to the company it represents.

Improving the corporate image can yield positive results in terms of sales, it is not a job that is done overnight, it takes some time to create something that, if done well, allows the brand to penetrate within the market. public and customers strengthen their loyalty to the company.

One of the most effective and widely used tools by companies is the media, sending communications, offering press conferences, granting interviews, etc. These are significant aspects when launching a product on the market.

However, there are reasons why a company is forced to change its image, this occurs due to changes in the name of the company, mergers with other companies, the implementation of new lines of business, new strategies, etc.