The word corbel is a term that is frequently used within the field of architecture, to define the beginning of the beam that protrudes to the outside and serves as a support for the eaves or cornices. Another more up-to-date definition would be that of a projecting piece (made of any material) that supports the ends of a roof. At first the corbels were edifying elements, used to serve as a base or support for the cornices of the buildings, using the same beam that supports the roof. However, with the passage of time the corbels were changing, to the point that today it is only used as a decorative element, thus forgetting its original use. Provoking with this, the creation of innumerable sculptural forms, in charge of assisting the support, or simply to adorn the roofs internally and externally.

The corbel is also known as modillón, considered an element used for construction, particular in Romanesque art, being resistant in rocky pieces located on top of the wall, protruding from it and supporting the eaves of the roof. In Asturias, the canecillo is an element that is present in almost all the architectural monuments of the Asturian region, with very varied designs, the most common canecillo is the simple one, since it is devoid of any adornment or decoration, with a straight aspect. However, those with abundant ornaments of various shapes are also used, with vegetal, symbolic or highly ornate aspects, with designs of human silhouettes and precise meaning. Although the corbels fail to obtain the interest they really deserve due to their small size and purpose, they are capable of providing important properties from a sculptural perspective, standing out for their wealth of variety or repertoire, located in the temples of San Pedro de Teverga, San Esteban de Aramil, among others.

It is important to highlight the importance of correctly placing the corbels in the constructions since they are capable of supporting an incredible amount of weight, they also exert another function that may perhaps go unnoticed, and that is that their design provides anti-seismic conditions to the structure.