Corn, whose scientific name is “Zea mays”. It is a type of grass native to Mexico, which has been cultivated by indigenous peoples for many years, corn was introduced in Europe after the colonization of America, obtaining great acceptance among the European community, who saw it as a food very accessible and nutritious.

Corn is a plant that belongs to the genus of grasses. It presents two types of root, some main ones that are fibrous and other eventual ones that emerge in the first knots, on the surface of the soil. These roots have the function of keeping the plant upright. The stem is made up of three layers: an outer layer which is waterproof and transparent, a wall through which nutrients are transferred, and a pith with a spongy, white coating where food reserves are stored. The leaves are elongated and wrapped around the stem, from which the spikes or cobs sprout. The cob is a trunk covered with grains that represent the edible part of the plant.

There are different types of corn, some of them are:

Sweet corn: this type of corn is cultivated to be consumed when the cobs are still green, they are commonly used in the preparation of roasts or boiled. It is called sweet because its grains have sugar in high proportions, which gives it that sweet touch.

Pop corn: this kind of corn has the particularity of being excessively hard, this is due to the starch that it is made of, which is found in small quantities. When these grains are exposed to high temperatures, they burst, releasing the endosperm.

Hard corn: is one that is characterized by its round and hard grains, it is used mainly for the production of corn starch, its production is destined mostly for human consumption and the rest is used to feed animals.

Dent corn: it is the one that is most used, despite being a corn prone to all kinds of insects and fungi, in addition to the fact that it dries very quickly. This type of corn results in higher yields, the grains of yellow tones are assigned as food for animals, while those of white color are for human consumption.

Floury corn: it is very popular in Mexico, it is a corn with a very soft starch, its grains have different colors and textures. It is used exclusively for human consumption.

Corn represents, along with wheat, one of the most consumed foods in the world. Among its benefits and properties is that it does not have gluten, which makes it an ideal food for celiac people. It is a food that provides a lot of energy, so it is ideal to be consumed by athletes. It is the only cereal that contains beta-carotene, in addition to carbohydrates and a large amount of vitamins from group A, B and E. Corn helps regulate metabolism and improves intestinal transit. It is full of minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium and phosphorous.