Basically, it is the need to include obscenities in the conversations that an individual may have. It can be caused by the wear and tear of neurons, which in turn is caused by leading a stressful lifestyle, consuming foods with high levels of fat, lack of rest at night, frequent smoking and hypertension; in addition to the environment to which a person can be subjected, such as having a mother who influences him in all aspects of his life or, on the contrary, it can be a traumatic event lived long ago.

Patients who present the symptoms corresponding to this mania tend to dialogue quickly, without coherence, thoughtlessly and maintaining statements that are difficult to sustain. During conversations they include swear words like any other term, even if it is related to the topic under discussion or not. The interesting thing about this disease is that it does not attack the victim all the time, it only occurs in cases of extreme anxiety or that it imposes a certain nervousness on the individual; for example, when talking during a job interview.

The diagnosis can only be practiced by a professional, through a talk with the patient, which is why it is considered fundamentally clinical. Although, as in all diagnoses, diseases that may be related or maintain a broad similarity with respect to the one treated, should be ruled out and thus the condition can be evaluated.

The treatment consists of admitting the patient to a clinic, in which the necessary care for their improvement can be provided, together with drugs administered during the appearance of symptoms, making the brain return to its normal state. When the patient’s situation has totally improved, and it is noticed by the doctors in charge of him, he can be discharged and continue his recovery at home.

Prevention requires avoiding all external causes, such as lack of sleep, skipping meals, maintaining a stressful routine, consuming stimulants or psychotropic drugs. Also, early detection of similar conditions can help rule out coprolalomania as the main disease.