A Contract (from the Latin Contractus) is an agreement usually on paper or at least established in writing in which the parties involved must assume responsibility for complying with each of the conditions set forth therein. Contracts are made between people who want to found companies, companies, organizations or institutions in which a certain responsibility is assigned to each one, thus implementing the steps and functions established in said contract. Contracts can be of various types: Work contracts, purchase-sale contracts, lease contracts, even marriage can be considered a legal contract between two people, since it establishes the conditions under which the man and women must live together.

An employment contract indicates to each of the parties (employee and employer) what their functions are within the company where they will carry out the work assigned to them. The employee is left in writing in it, what are the functions that he must perform, what are the tools that he must use, the hours in which he must work and the conditions under which he will execute the action. The contract, for its part, must also specify the benefits that the employer must provide to the worker, emphasizing the salary that he will receive, the social security benefits that he will have, the rights that the worker has within the company and the conditions under which the employee feels safe and respected. There are laws in many countries that regulate the statutes under which labor contracts are concluded, in order to grant each of the parties a fair remuneration and service rendered.

The agreements in the form of a contract are usually signed with a signature of all those involved, in some cases, they have seals that show membership and acceptance codes by higher entities. All this in order to establish legality and imply that the interested parties agree with everything stipulated in the contract.