A consultancy is an organization, a service company, formed by professionals specially trained in a certain area and dedicated to advising companies that operate in various areas on technical issues. In addition, there are consultancies that carry out this work with the countries.

Basically, what the consultant or a team of these characteristics proposes today is that their knowledge is transmitted in the most satisfactory way possible to those who demand it so that they can safely achieve success.

Almost all areas of work and production can count on companies dedicated to meeting the demands for knowledge and trained professionals, who advise and review their work in some way, as is the case with logistics, communication and engineering companies.

For example, in communication, it is one of the contexts in which we find these organizations, especially with regard to the description and analysis of communications within an institution.

In general, what a communication consultancy does is evaluate and analyze the company’s communication and then, based on the successes and failures found in the plan, design a new proposal that improves and solves the problems presented in the task.

Now, to achieve optimal results during the performance of the consulting service, it is necessary to consider two important elements: the decision of the general management to improve the organization and the collaboration that arises from the client-consultant relationship. These elements make the consultancy provide us with the knowledge and professional techniques to solve practical management problems, in order to help the client to discern the most common causes of these problems and teach the client to deal with the problems that arise more frequently. go ahead.

In the United States of America there are more than 7,000 consulting firms and in Mexico more services are contracted every day from companies dedicated to consulting.

The figures are relatively lower in Europe, but in the UK and many other European countries, consultancy growth has been very remarkable over the last 25 years.

In developed countries, large, medium and even small companies often employ the services of professional consultants.

In some countries, consulting services are subsidized by governments for small businesses as part of small business promotion.

Today, the most competitive companies are necessarily knowledge-intensive companies and permanently train their employees at all levels.

Consulting can play a very important role in triggering the economic and social development of companies and countries.