Constitutive Act

A constitutive act is the necessary and mandatory document for the legal formation of an organization or company, which must be written and contain fundamental data in accordance with some common parameters and duly signed by those who will be members of the company.

Of sports organizations, non-profit, non-governmental, business and commercial organizations, cooperative work, whatever the type and purpose of the organization, a constitutive act is necessary. A) Yes; To form a company, one of the steps is to formalize before a notary public the type of company to be established. This step called “legal act” is the founding act of a developing company.

Among other issues, its bases, objectives, members, the specific functions that each of them will perform, their authenticated signatures that will serve to account when it is necessary to prove the identity and all that important and fundamental information of the organization will be specified. society that constitutes it.

The first aspect to consider is the name of the company, it also specifies the exact amount of the entity’s share capital, that is; the financial contribution made by each of the partners. The object of the company has to specify in detail everything that the company intends to carry out (a company cannot carry out an activity if it has not been previously defined among the initial functions).

Of course, the articles of incorporation of the same must specify the registered office of the entity and the different positions of representation of its members with their corresponding signatures (as mentioned above).

An important piece of information is the company name, which is; nothing more and nothing less than the name of the company being developed, which includes the names of all its partners, although if this is not possible, One and add “and company” as a complement. This type of name is characteristic of limited liability companies (srl). For example, in corporations (sa) the company name is used, which must not bear the name of any of its partners in the company.