A Conjurer is a person who, by means of gadgets, methods of confusion and arts of evasion, produces all kinds of illusions to the senses of those who observe him. A Conjurer is also known as a Magician or an Illusionist. The term is rarely used, however it is applied when it is not necessarily the one who is about to tie the foundations of an illusion who is dedicated to this, that is, a conjurer in most cases, is not the one who is dedicated to that, but rather he plans and creates the illusion of something in order to submit his attributions to something that suits him.

A conjurer is not a bad person, contrary to what is thought, when we go to the foundations of the concept, we do not find bad reasons why someone becomes a conjurer, however, whoever recreates an illusion in order to establish a purpose, it usually has an intention that satisfies it. In the world of entertainment, hundreds of magicians, illusionists and conjurers have put on their best clothes and have done the best tricks to satisfy the public eye. Among the best known is Houdini, who was submerged in a tank full of water while he was fastened with chains and padlocks, with his abilities Houdini broke out of his prison and surprised everyone with something that seems practically impossible.

In general, the conjurer makes the viewer enter a world of planned illusions, who acts as a magician, knows all the possible points by which to surprise the one concerned. The illusionist creates an atmosphere of drama and suspense around the act that he is going to perform, he gestures movements that are not necessary in order to confuse the viewer, the important thing about an illusion is to make the person understand that what happens does not have a logical and probable explanation, however, many television programs have been given the task of unmasking conjurers by making their secrets public, there are few magicians and illusionists who still keep their best tricks truly, up their sleeves.