It is called a condyle to the head, eminence or protuberance with a rounded shape that is located at the end of a bone and which fits into the cavity of another bone giving way to form a joint. With respect to the articular surface of the latter, it is worth noting that it is convex in two directions and, for its part, the surface of the bone that receives it is concave in two directions. With regard to bone, it is important to note that it is an organ that integrates the endoskeleton or internal structure of vertebrate species, it is characterized by being solid and resistant. Bone is made up of two types of tissues, soft and hard.

With respect to human beings specifically, there are 206 bones, they can present great diversity in terms of shapes and are also responsible for fulfilling different objectives. Taking into account the aforementioned, it is important to point out that all these bones as a whole are those that make up the human skeleton and also, as mentioned above, each one fulfills a specific function that is closely related to the closest bone.

In the same way, it should be noted that just as it happens with the muscles and even with the brain, the bones are usually of vital importance for the survival of the human being and therefore have a wide possibility of regeneration. The bone is made up of various parts, one of the most prominent being the condyle, which if seen from a colloquial point of view; the head of the bone and to be able to physically recognize it, it can be said that it is the protruding portion of the bone with a rounded shape that is arranged at its extremity.

Thanks to the presence of the condyle, a bone can fit correctly with respect to another bone, giving way to the formation of a joint. That said, it can be said that the joints, then, are the unions of one or more bones, they are of great importance because they allow movements to be carried out and also provide plasticity and elasticity when a movement is carried out.