Concrete is a mixture of stones, sand, water and cement that when solidified constitutes one of the most resistant construction materials to make bases and walls. The combination of sand, water and cement in some Latin American countries is known as Mortar, while when the concrete is already compacted in its proper place it is called concrete.

The most widely used construction material in the world is undoubtedly concrete, its composition to the extent and for proper use is the most solid, it is the one used to build and create strong surfaces such as floors and walls, it is not solid, for which does not allow any kind of flexibility after being dry or solid. When combined with steel it is called reinforced concrete.

In another vein, the word concrete is a qualifying adjective that indicates that what is applied to is solid, defined and sufficiently established not to be knocked down by some object of less or equal dimension or power. Concrete would be in this case, the antonym of abstract, when an idea is concrete, it is because the entire process of analysis and review of possibilities has already been carried out to make it viable, while an abstract idea does not have sufficient support which allows that others attack it and it is susceptible to changes and modifications until it is altered and concrete.

The use of this term on a day-to-day basis is aimed at giving firmness to situations that arise at all times, let’s see some examples:

-The schedule in which the children will study and carry out sports and cultural activities has already been specified.

-Thanks to the teacher’s advice, we specifically have a general notion of the subject to carry out our thesis.

The concreteness of an idea allows us to walk with a firm step in the realization of a project or in the execution of a work or job. In the work areas in which a system is defined to carry out the actions that each person has assigned, there must be a specific support of said functions and instruments, so that in the event that a specific element fails, the result is not compromised. final.