The term Concerning seeks when it is applied to make a reference to the relationships between two or more objects or situations in an explanatory way. The word concerning makes an allusion effect, since it is an adjective, it gives way to the following, explains what an action is about or simply explains the reason for something. “The math class was concerned with differential equations” this sentence means that what was the content of the class, in this way we can simply understand that the term concerned makes us understand the motives and reasons for something.

The applications of the word concerning are very vague in a usual colloquy, it is easier to hear “The math class had to do with…” or “The math class was about…” since it is a very formal term that is used generally in official texts or that imply some type of composure at the time of being written. The concern can also have other applications that may be more in line with a more common jargon, such as: “The problem that is happening in our parents’ house concerns you as a brother” in this way we are including the fundamental aspects of a situation and complementing the idea with something as basic as «Being part of…» or involving those who concern or compete for it. Also in the opposite way, we can show the following example: “What happens in my family’s house does not concern the neighbors” in this way the neighbors are the ones who are categorically excluded from the situation that develops within a nucleus family.

They are basic terms that the best way to explain them is by mentioning their function within society, the simple thing about the idea is to take into account inclusion, exclusion or what has to do with the matter. The term concerned is also very simple to be seen when we say that something is relative, that is, the close relationship between one thing and another that is carried away, it is as if «Trees are relative to nature».