Communism is an ideological current with which a political system is built which seeks as its main objective to massify social production in a common environment for all. Communism proposes the elimination of social classes, the inclusion of people who live in a certain area in a single common class in which work and production and its benefits are for everyone. Communism proposes within its code, the elimination of private property, this in order to centralize the benefits provided by all companies through a single channel, which is social, inclusive and dominant at the same time.

The father of communism Karl Marx opposes the creation of class barriers which only create poverty for the majority and wealth for the most powerful of the state. Capitalism, political system in force for when Marx and his collaborator Friedrich Engels establishes although the property of the private sector corresponds to a control of work, where each one obtains a certain compensation for the work carried out and the exploitation of an item produced giant profits, of which that the owners of the private company kept the majority and the people only received a minimal part, thus creating social class and the division of society into marginal and private extremes.

For sure, it is not possible to establish a true intention of Karl Marx when he proposed communism, since the governments of several countries decided to apply it, what they achieved was a delay in economic development, as well as more poverty and less production. Countries like Cuba and Romania have suffered the consequences of communism, wars, famines and murders of people who opposed the populist regime were some of the main reasons why many social groups rose up against communism. There are many who consider that Capitalism is the key to development and it is worth thinking about it because many countries have witnessed the evolution and development of their communities without the need to eliminate private production and maintain a good relationship between the public and the private.