Communion is a religious act in which faith in Christianity is consolidated. In this symbolic act, the person who is going to perform the act of communion eats a circular piece similar to a small biscuit briefly submerged in consecrated wine called a host, this representation means that the person is adopting the body and blood of Christ son of God . Communion represents a kind of contract, an alliance with Christianity, so it must be governed by the principles and customs of Christian belief. The biscuit is actually unleavened unleavened bread, in the case of the Eucharist it is in the form of a wafer, it is only symbolically ingested, since it does not have yeast, it represents purity and cleanliness in bread making.

In a more generic aspect of the word, it indicates that it comes from the term “Common”, this means that a communion is the union of two elements in common. It seems like a play on words, but in reality it is the conjunction of these two terms, it is easy to determine that any approach of several parties to a common interest is a communion between the interested parties. In the case of religious communion, the consecration of this supposes an approach of people to the beliefs of Christianity, so the act supposes a relationship between faith and the reason why religion exists.

To carry out the act of communion it is necessary first to have gone through the ritual of baptism, it consists of the application of holy water, the different religions apply the water in different ways, but basically the intention is the same, in general, It is done when the person is little time after birth. Days prior to communion, people, at young ages, still take a kind of course called Catechism, in which the main topics of religion are taught and practices are carried out so that the moment in which the father delivers the body and blood of Christ be quick, simple and spiritual.