The word colombofilia derives from the Latin “columba” means “dove” and from the Greek “φιλία” it means “family”. Pigeon racing is based on raising and teaching pigeons to be able to turn them into homing pigeons, these pigeons are trained to return to their nest from a long distance carrying a message or letter, called a columbogram, which is in the form of an annular tube that is puts on one leg, the charge of pigeons for this purpose had its culmination in antiquity.

In pigeon farming, the carrier pigeon is the result of the linking of various types of pigeons that have as a particularity the main sense of orientation, in which the orientation of the birds is based on various devices that in many of the birds the uses have been confirmed. of a solar compass. Where homing pigeons use the sun to be able to address compensations in changing their position based on time and athletic morphotype.

Racing pigeons differ from other pigeons due to their energy, their speed of flight, their abundant and brilliant plumage, the tail of the pigeon always folded, its neck set and raised, this pigeon has a great resistance to difficulty. The carrier pigeon weighs between 425 and 525 grams the male and the female 300 and 480 grams.

The pigeon is capable of freeing a single day, distances of 700 to 1000 kilometers at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

The pigeon fancier performs training with his pigeons like an instructor with his orphans, deducing that it is necessary to be able to send them to compete or to protect them on their return with the best conditions.