In societies where there are diverse cultures and ways of thinking, coexistence is understood as the way of coexisting and interacting that members of different cultures have on the same surface. In the political aspect, coexistence is given by the existing contact between nations with different political systems, without having to take up arms to solve their problems.

The concept of peaceful coexistence is used in this sense to express rejection of all kinds of violence, as a method to resolve problems between two countries. This term was enunciated for the first time, by the Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev. During the cold war, with the purpose of referring to the tolerance that the Soviets had to accept the existence of more developed nations such as the United States.

As has been observed, coexistence is associated with the principle of tolerance. Especially in a world where there is an immense plurality of religious, moral and philosophical ideas. For these reasons, it is necessary that in those countries where confrontations are latent, due to the discrepancies of ideas and practices, it is necessary to promote tolerance, which consists of being willing to listen to others and analyze whether it is feasible to adapt to their points of view. view, always managing in an environment of support and collaboration, since diversity should not be seen as an impediment to the existence of social union.

At the social level, coexistence requires the acceptance of the fact that there are other people with ideas very different from ours. All those who coexist in a given space are obliged to respect and obey specific rules that must be shared, in such a way that there can be a social organization and supervision of violence.