Coefficient or Intellectual Quotient is a compendium of characteristics of human beings summarized in an estimated result in a numerical quantity, commonly known by its German acronym “IQ” (Intelligence Quotient). The coefficient is calculated through a series of assessments which allow determining the scope of the person’s intelligence, so that the evaluation indicates the response capacity in areas such as general knowledge, specific subjects such as history, mathematics , geography, sciences in general such as physics and chemistry, among others. The IQ of people is also measured by means of tasks and the resolutions that those evaluated give to them, this process is usually carried out in schools, it is measured from time to time and statistics are kept to determine what has been the intellectual advancement of the person.

The measurement of the coefficient of people has allowed the educational systems of the country to generate categories in which students of little, medium or outstanding academic attitude are established, this has created a series of definitions based on the availability of lifestyles , particularly in the United States. The intellectual coefficient in education is a fundamental tool when it comes to distributing functions in favor of society in general, in this order of ideas, it is known that there are categories A, B, and C, in which A represents the outstanding, people with a highly developed IQ, which allows them to be included in projects and careers with a virtuous reputation. Category B includes people with a medium IQ, usually they always stand out in some subject or sport, but they do not obtain the classification of A due to difficulties in some essential subject. Finally, category C includes those subjects who do not exceed a basic expectation, so they are not included in either B or A, in general, they are people with an inefficient education, with economic limitations, who do not have the opportunity to enter in companies with a higher category.

The concept of Coefficient opens the doors to give answers generated around the word Intelligence, which is nothing more than the capacity acquired by the process of nutrition with which the Intellectual Coefficient is measured.