This is a type of clothing used by humans in order to protect themselves from cold weather. For this reason, coats should be placed over the rest of the garments that are normally used. They are usually made of thick fabric or the wool itself and are usually long-sleeved. It is important to point out that the coat is also often called depending on the garment in question, that is: covered, jacket, especially, just to mention some of the most popular. The word shelter comes from the Latin “apricus”. Another use of the term is applied to refer to a place, whether natural or artificial, which maintains a higher temperature than its surroundings and prevents the wind from entering, that is, it functions as a kind of shelter from inclement weather.

This garment throughout the history of man has had special importance. Although its main function has been to protect people from the cold, it has also served as an expression of the social status a person possessed in a certain society. An example of this was when, in the days of the Roman Empire, the men who were free dressed and sheltered with a toga while the slaves did not enjoy such benefit. later, already in the 19th century, the coat par excellence used by the wealthy class was the so-called frock coat.

A meaning apart from that of garment, is the one that designates an element, an object, that is used to defend or mitigate the action of the cold. In addition to this, it is applied to the shelter that has the objective of insulating someone from the cold, it is called a coat. While from a symbolic point of view, the concept of shelter is used in everyday language as a synonymous kind of help, protection and shelter that an individual has from someone or a group of people.

It is important to note that the history of the coat is not only related to climate protection, since this term also allowed establishing a certain social position and marking differences with respect to the rest of the other people.