Closet ground

A set of timeless garments, with a fairly good quality, which thanks to its design and neutral color is known as a wardrobe background, it is possible to adapt it to a large number of combinations and situations. For that reason, those garments in excessive colors, prints or ornaments cannot be considered as a wardrobe background. It should be noted that a wardrobe is not found the first time you go shopping. You could say that it is a job where fortune intervenes so to speak. Therefore, the wardrobe is built up little by little and the fact that it is considered timeless does not mean that it will last a lifetime.

One advice that experts in this area usually give is that the wardrobe must be used despite how neutral the garments are, fashions vary constantly and bodies in the same way, therefore, can become obsolete .

A classic wardrobe is usually made up of:

  • Special black dresses for cocktail parties: It could be a knee-length dress with a neckline that is not exaggerated. Depending on the age of the person using it, it should be used just above or below the knee. It is preferred that it be fitted and of high fineness. Very bright clothing should be avoided.
  • Equally black footwear, classic style.
  • Dark pants, preferably black. Depending on the body of the person who uses it and the style of said person, this garment can be of a classic type, also a baggy or even a black skinny.
  • White blouse or shirt. Preferably masculine cut, in poplin.

It should be noted that there are many other garments that could also be considered a wardrobe, such is the case of a clutch or, failing that, of special sandals for parties.

All these pieces of clothing, fused with the right accessories, are ideal so that winter can be spent perfectly dressed. An important fact is that if you do not attend any type of festive event, be it dinners or any kind of outings; the black dress will not be necessary.