Clean technology

Clean technologies are those created by man and for man, where the environmental impact is minimized almost entirely with respect to existing energy sources. At present, more and more ecological innovations are leaving conventional ones behind.

Here are some of the technological innovations that seek to save the planet:

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have recently developed an innovative technology and it is a device that produces DC Voltage that shoots electrons through a carbon nanotube. This device is so incredible that perhaps a whole branch of science and engineering will have to be created to study this new form of energy production.

In a practical way, this device, called “thermpower” made of carbon nanotubes, could provide the same energy as a lithium ion battery but being 1/100th its size. It’s like your laptop being powered by something the size of a fingernail.

This type of energy uses curved mirrors that can collect five times more energy than ordinary solar panels, this new technology was developed by an Israeli company called Zenith Solar. Such an invention is competing in relation to the cost of solar energy against fossil fuels, such as oil. These solar panels can improve the total conversion of solar energy by up to 75%.

While in the world the land is increasingly paved to make urban centers and farmers must produce more food with less land. The solution to this problem, according to a company called Valcent, is to grow crops vertically.
This company is a pioneer in the hydroponic cultivation system that grows plants in rotating rows, that is, one on top of the other. Such an implementation not only allows a necessary amount of light for each plant, but also uses much less water than other growing methods.

Solar roof tiles don’t need open spaces to build solar parks if people put solar panels on the roofs of their homes. That is why, thanks to the technology developed by Dow Chemical Co., this possibility is closer to reality, since it has developed a tile that works like a solar panel, made of thin copper indium gallium diselenide cells.