A circle is understood as a flat surface or area limited or closed by a circumference, this word comes from the Latin “circulus” which is the diminutive of circus. in geometry, the circle is a two-dimensional figure and is formed by making a curve where it will always have the same distance from the center; it has a series of elements or characteristics, such as the circular sector, which is the fragment of the circle limited by two radii and its corresponding arc; then there is the semicircle, it is the part that limits a diameter and its pertinent arc, this corresponds to half of the circle; the circular segment is the fraction bounded by the chord and its arc; the circular zone is the part of the circle bounded by two chords; then, there is the crown, which is the piece of a circle limited by two circumferences and finally the trapezoid is the portion closed by two radii and a circular crown.

In a different context, the word circle is used to refer to the figure or silhouette that sorcerers or sorcerers draw on the pavement to invoke spirits or demons within it and be able to cast spells. On the other hand, the name is given to the old circuit formed by the menhirs, which are monuments based on elongated stones that were introduced vertically into a hole made in the ground that were placed from stretch to stretch.

A circle is called the group of people who are commonly related to each other because they share common interests or similarities or because of kinship. There is also talk of the environment or scope of a certain activity, such as a political circle.