Cavalry is defined as a group of individuals dedicated especially to battles riding horses and fighting from it. The etymological origin of the term comes from the French language, to be more specific from the word “cavalerie”. Cavalry can be classified into two types, light and heavy cavalry. Currently the use of armies that ride horses is very rare, not to say that there is none, however today the term is maintained to refer to groups that perform the same functions that the cavalry performed in ancient times. , but that today are carried out in automated vehicles.

Since ancient times, people have used animals to facilitate certain activities of daily life, the military field has not been an exception to this, since since ancient times human beings have dedicated themselves to the taming of horses in order to to use them in this case in battles. The civilizations that had the greatest development in this aspect were those of Babylon, Egypt and Assyria, where the horses were in charge of pulling their battle chariots from which they shot arrows and other objects against the enemy. Subsequently, the mixture between the equine breeds, resulted in the emergence of new specimens of greater strength and resistance, making it possible for people to ride them, completely displacing war chariots.

For its part, the Roman Empire, the use of cavalry was used to carry out explorations in enemy areas, as well as to support the infantry, who were actually in charge of leading the battle at the front. Already by the time of the Middle Ages it was related to feudalism, at this time it was characterized by becoming much lighter.

As new war tools were created, which boasted a great range and effectiveness, the use of mounted soldiers on horseback lost followers, to the point that its use today is almost nil, used only in those areas where access to motor vehicles is very difficult due to road conditions.