Within the Catholic tradition, the cherubim are those angels who sit right next to God, and who have a lower hierarchical position than the seraphim. Specifically, these angels are located in the second of the angelic choirs and are in charge of protecting the Glory of God. The characteristics of these, however, may vary according to the Christian variant that is studied. In the same way, it is the name given to small children or infants who present great beauty, especially when they are male. This is because, over time, the meaning of this term changed until it became “a child with wings”.

This comes from the Hebrew “כְּרוּב”, which latinized would be “cherub” and in the Greek language “cherub”; can be translated as “bull”. This is how one of the groups of angels with the most important hierarchical position among the angelic choirs is called. The angels, it should be noted, are immaterial or supernatural beings, whose main mission is to serve and assist God; they obey orders from both Jesus and the Holy Spirit. These beings are often represented with great human beauty, in addition to their characteristic purity, since they simply have a neutral nature.

According to Catholic teachings, cherubim can only be seen by people who have been raised to a higher plane, those for whom heaven opens. In Judaism their very existence is a particularly controversial issue, at least in traditional rabbinic Judaism. In its various variants the existence of these is mentioned, but the belief or worship of them is not widespread.