Chemical energy

The term Energy is generally related to “force”, however it can also be conceived as a natural resource that has the ability to transform something or set it in motion, human beings work and mold all these resources with scientific methods to create energy, natural resources. chemicals, the most abundant on the planet, are the ones that get the most out of chemical energy.

Everything that exists is matter and one of the qualities of matter is to possess chemical properties, and when two external bodies interact, a reaction occurs, altering its initial or natural state (this “alteration” is what is known as chemical energy).

In other words, chemical energy is nothing more than that type of energy that occurs as a result of a chemical reaction. For example, the combustion of wood or coal generates chemical energy. We can also say that it is always created, generated or produced from the interactions between atoms and molecules.

On the other hand we also have that chemical energy is absorbed or released by matter, an example of this is foods that comply with both processes, since they release energy in the form of calories, vitamins or proteins and our body processes and absorbs it.

One of the great advantages that chemical energy gives us is that it has an efficient use in different fields, one of them being the implementation of chemical energy in the production of everyday products, such as cleaning products, personal hygiene or the production of medicines; It should also be taken into account that this type of energy is what allows the mobilization of cars, planes and many machines in general, since this is a work produced within the engines and systems created for this purpose, since these engines They need fuel that, once reacted, will depend on chemical energy to fulfill its function.

Chemical energy has a negative aspect since it causes serious damage to the environment by creating pollution, waste and unusable and non-reusable material. This is because the materials used for their generation are toxic and harmful to health.