Check out is a word that comes from English, it is a word that is usually used in the hotel field to refer to the process by which a particular person, after having been staying at a hotel, at the time of leaving it, You must go to the counter or reception of the establishment or venue to cancel each and every one of the debts or pending accounts and hand over the keys of the previously reserved room; Specifically, the word check out is attributed to the process of “checking out of a room or guest”.

Therefore, the check out is the moment when the time agreed upon in the check in or reservation expires, and the guest asks the receptionist for an account statement in order to review the charges on the account, whether for telephone calls, mini-bar , viewing paid movies, etc. and once satisfied with the charges made, cancel the amount agreed on the invoice and then leave the hotel. It should be noted that hotels usually set a cut-off time for both check-ins.

There are several types of check out, for example, the scheduled check out is when it appears on the list of scheduled departures for the day, thus fulfilling the commitment established through the reservation made at the hotel; another is unexpected check out, quite the opposite of the previous one, it is when it is not foreseen in the list of departures of the day, this occurs at the request of the client; and finally the delayed check out is one that, being on the list of scheduled departures for the day, does not occur at the time established by the hotel administration, so it can be extended beyond this time.