Charismatic Leadership

It is the type of leadership that is characterized by captivating and generating enthusiasm in subordinates, using communication with the people in charge, inspiring them to give their maximum effort and if necessary, it is capable of changing the aspirations and vision. of the people in charge in order to achieve the established goals.

A charismatic leader can be of great help to a company because if he is able to captivate the workers, they will be willing to put in even more effort in their work, but for this to be possible, a charismatic leader must have a series of qualities , for example, he must generate trust among subordinates since otherwise what he says or does will not generate any effect, he must be able to inspire workers to do a good job, which implies that he must have the ability to persuade time to give some indication, he is not conformist, since he is always looking for ways to improve and if necessary uses innovative means to do so, he sacrifices himself for the company, assuming the risks involved in implementing changes, he always has a positive attitude In the face of adversity, if you possess these qualities, you will be able to successfully perform your role as a leader.

The advantages of having this type of leadership is that those who work in that company will always feel motivated by what they are doing, making the work environment something pleasant, this will be reflected in the performance of each worker, another advantage is that At the time of making decisions, it will not generate so much conflict since it has the ability to dialogue with people, reaching an agreement much faster, teamwork is one of the pillars of the leader.

Despite its good results, the application of this type of leadership can be detrimental in aspects such as the dependency that the people under his charge create, which becomes a problem when he is not present, his actions can be praised in too much, too much responsibility falls on him.