According to etymology, the word occasion comes from the word occasio, a very old Latin language that defines this term as the ideal moment or the possibility that appears at a certain moment to do some activity. In Roman history, occasion has to do with Opportunity, a name that bears a goddess and physically she is a woman with long hair that covers her face and has large wings. In addition, this goddess of Roman mythology carries a knife in one of her hands and a pair of wings on her feet, she is sitting on something that looks like a wheel and pretends to be moving.

The Roman figure, according to history, symbolizes all those occasions that were wasted in life, it was said that if it appeared it was because the ideal moments to cling to an opportunity were running out. In addition, there was no way to catch her since she could not hold on because her hair went forward and not backwards, the white weapon that she carried in her hands means that anyone she touched could cut their ties, chase opportunities and seize them. There are many sayings that are linked to the goddess Opportunity, some are: “The occasion has no hair on the neck” this means that every good opportunity must be taken advantage of before it is too late. Therefore, it is best to know when an opportunity exists and take advantage of it while you can.

To better exemplify the term occasion we have: «I think it is the perfect occasion to invest in shares of this company», «This time nobody is going to the party, but thanks for the invitation»