Chamber of Commerce

It is an institution that is made up of a group of owners of large, medium and small businesses, dedicated to trade, as well as entrepreneurs, whose main objective is to increase and develop the productive sector of the economy in a given region, as well as the improvement of the quality of the businesses that are carried out there and the level of competitiveness. This organization must establish an executive council through an election, in which all its members participate, so that it will be in charge of preparing its policies. The council must be in charge of appointing a president and workers so that said organization can be administered.

The directors that make up the chamber are established by elections by the members (merchants and businessmen) of the organization itself, who will have the task of defending the interests at the time their rights are violated or an attempt is made to do so. It is important to point out that the executive council is usually made up of businessmen and merchants, who have a degree of experience and training in the business area, which makes them the right people to carry out this work. Worldwide, chambers of commerce are established in many places, generally they are governed by the same line.

The actions that this organization can carry out are very varied, however the ones that stand out the most are, encouraging and developing clean trade, seeking to reduce as far as possible the regulations imposed on said sector in a given region, promoting free competition, seek to improve and increase the productive sector, provide legal services in that area, etc.

Since ancient times it is known that there have been different figures who have been given the task of governing and organizing commercial activity, especially in the Middle East, one of the facts that demonstrate this was the foundation of the Universidad de las Mercedes in Spain. the year 1443. A century later the first Chamber of Commerce of the modern era arises, called the Consulate of Shippers to the Indies also in Spain and from there gave rise to those of Mérida called the Diputación de Comercio de Yucatán, this being the first in the American continent.