The chair is one of the oldest pieces of furniture that men have used to sit on. Since ancient times, human beings have thought and developed furniture that facilitates rest, storage and organization of daily life.

We can also say that a chair is a piece of furniture with legs and a backrest whose objective is to serve as a seat for one person. The legs are usually four, but they can be one, two or more than three legs.

The material with which they are built can be wood, iron, plastic, forge or a combination of several of them.

The chair is one of the most used pieces of furniture in different spaces, from a restaurant, a waiting room, an office or a home. Unfortunately, they are often used without paying enough attention to their design.

The number of chairs in each house depends on the number of rooms and the number of inhabitants. In a home with at least three bedrooms and four or more occupants, there are likely to be chairs in the kitchen and in the dining room or living room.

Chairs are usually arranged around a table so that people can sit down when eating. Thanks to its design, a person can bring his chair closer to the table and place his legs under the table on which the dishes are placed to eat.

It is possible to differentiate between the different types of chair, such as the folding chair (which can be folded so that it does not take up space), the rocking chair (on which you can swing) and the car seat (which allows children to be carried in the car safely).

Another type of chair is the Wheelchair: It allows people who cannot walk to move. Its appearance is that of an armchair equipped with four driving wheels. In some cases, the saddle is equipped with a motor. It can be used temporarily while the patient recovers his faculties: it is the case of broken legs, a very complicated operation,… It can also be used regularly and constantly in case of physical disability such as paralysis of the legs. Some urban arrangements are necessary to facilitate the movement of people in wheelchairs. There are also special chairs for the practice of a sport. Tennis, basketball, athletics… Handisports are numerous and varied.

In the area of ​​interior decoration, the chair turns out to be, next to the table, one of the essential elements in the dining room of any house, because precisely the dining room is organized from the central table and the set of chairs. From the chairs it is possible to print a certain personality and style to a space.