The chain is an object mainly made of iron that contains links that allow an object to be stable, they can be very large and thick to hold large boats or very small, they are very useful and hard.

The chain is made up of rings or links that are used for various activities, both to fasten and to start a machine, it has a characteristic that has transcended throughout history and that is its strength linked with flexibility.

The history of this instrument dates back centuries, it is estimated that since Roman times, since they did not go to war without chains to the point that they were made of iron, silver and gold, this was to put them on their defeated opponents and would to depend on the rank or class that both the prisoners and their enemies had. Other populations such as the Israelites, had a kind of chain with a triangle at one of its ends and it was where the slaves or prisoners put their head, feet and hands tied with the other end.

Although the chains may seem like a simple object, for many people they have a symbolism, for example with them some lament their slavery and others use it as an object of high rank and power.

The Roman emperors used the chains to decorate their soldiers who had distinguished themselves for their deeds and courage in battle. Although at that same time but in another part of the world the chains were a symbol of imprisonment and slavery. In Europe, specifically Spain, the chains symbolize the weapons of one of the most powerful kingdoms of ancient times in that country.

Years go by and the chain continues to be one of the most used inventions in humanity.