The word certificate originates from Latin, specifically from the participle «certify», which means a letter to a package that confirms authenticity or certainty. This is a document that confirms or denies something in particular, it may be that a person has passed a level and has successfully fulfilled the requirements prescribed by a particular entity.

This document can be of a public nature, such as marriage, birth, domicile, good conduct, studies, payment of taxes, ownership of real estate, etc. As it can also be private, such as sickness certificates signed by unofficial doctors and work certificates issued by employers at the request of employees, there is also the certificate of good conduct, because there is no criminal record and for a lifetime. away from vices and disorders.

This title or document is used to affirm a certain fact, many certificates demonstrate good training and experience of an individual, a certificate is usually issued in the name of the recipient, and is given by a person with sufficient authority within a given institution establishing that said individual has complied with the parameters dictated by it. And if there is any irregularity or falsehood in it, it can be sanctioned by the law of a state.

There are several types of certificates, among them are: the digital certificate, personal, legal entity, belonging to a company, secure server, among many others. The certificates can confirm from academic results, professional experience in a certain field, attendance or participation in an event, course or conference, teaching, adaptation to an object or a normal, integration into a group or hierarchy, knowledge of languages foreigners, mental or physical state in which a person is, etc.