A solemn act is called a ceremony, which is based on a series of rites, beliefs and previously established norms. It is a ritual; this, in the strictest sense of the word, the one that indicates that it is a series of rites united in order to specify a kind of treatment or some act that has a special meaning. In general, this concept is usually related to a kind of mysticism; however, nowadays, the name of ceremony is given to any formal act in which not only human beings are involved, but also animals.

Various historians and scholars of human history agree that, due to the personification of natural phenomena, the belief in the existence of superior beings who control these events began, which can both benefit and harm humanity. In order for these to provide the protection they could provide, dozens of rites loaded with symbolism, mysticism and abstraction were performed, with a lot of positive energy. From these ancient beliefs, the so-called dark religions were also created, dedicated to personifying evil and bad desires. Despite this marked division, the ceremonies do not lose their religious roots.

Today, the ceremonies are applied in a multitude of religions: from the Abrahamic to the Dharmic religions. In addition, it is not an exclusive term in this field, but is also used for the educational field, health and those related to society.