Centaurs are beings from Greek mythology, they were characterized by having the upper half of the body in human form and the lower half in the form of a horse. According to legend, centaurs were creatures that inhabited the mountainous area of ​​Thessaly. Centaurs were sons of “Centaur” with Magnesian mares.

The centaurs became very famous for their conflict with the Lapiths. According to history, the centaurs wanted to kidnap Hippodamia on the day of her marriage to the king of the Lapiths. Piritoo was the name of this king, who to make matters worse, was a cousin of the centaurs. Theseus, who was a hero and was also one of the founders of cities, helped Pirithous in his fight and they ended up defeating the centaurs.

These fights with the centaurs represented the combat between barbarism and civilization, which was known as “centauromachy”. These mythological beings were characterized by being wild in nature, they were not hospitable, they did not obey laws, they were slaves to their animal instincts. However, there were two centaurs: Pholus and Chiron, who were the exception since they always manifested their good nature, for which they were considered intelligent and kind centaurs, since they were knowledgeable about medicine and the arts.

Chiron had skills as a doctor, he was a very wise centaur, which made him a very appreciated being by all. Chiron lived on Mount Pelion and was the guide and protector of many characters in mythology, such as Achilles.

In the same way, according to mythology, there were female centaurs, they were called centaurids, however, not much is known about them since they are not mentioned in Greek literature.