The word celebration is used to refer to any type of celebration or party, which takes place to commemorate something special. The festivities are carried out with great joy and where dances, songs, drinks and food predominate. Its objective is to celebrate a significant event, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, a national date, among others.
However, the celebrations can also be held for no reason, it is enough to have the desire to have fun and have a good time. It should be noted that the celebrations can be private or public. For example “the mayor ordered a celebration to celebrate the day of carnival”, “my mother organized a celebration for my 15 years”.

The celebration is done as a way to let go of feelings, to share emotions, etc. And man has been doing it since ancient times.

Festejo is also the name of a very representative dance of the Peruvian coast. This dance was brought from Africa by slaves, who were brought to Peru to work in agriculture, although the real purpose was for them to work in the mines, since these slaves had good physical strength.

The musical instruments used for this dance consisted of leather drums, maracas, guitar and a very particular instrument called “donkey jaw”.

The festejo is a kind of erotic-festive music that symbolizes the black Peruvian miscegenation that is still maintained in the city of Lima. The arm movements, the swaying of the hips, the gestures, are elements that make the celebration stand out from other dances.