A precautionary measure is a tool that is used at the time of starting a complaint, in order to avoid the inconveniences that the time that a process extends brings, which can cause the failure of the execution of a claimed right that adheres to a sentence. These types of measures are generally taken during a main process, however, they should not be confused with measures of an executive nature, since these are based on titles that carry an obligation and despite the fact that they may be similar in certain things, they are already different. that extend for the same period of time that the main process lasts, whose purpose guarantees some measure.

This type of procedure is mainly based on a need to maintain stable equality between two elements in the same trial, in order to avoid that I know that the sentence issued in the trial is taken as illusory, it can then be said that what What it does is to preventively certify the effectiveness of a sentence on a certain judicial process, therefore its main objective would be to affirm that justice achieves its correct effectiveness in a trial.

Precautionary measures have a characteristic of limited periodicity, this is due to the fact that they are subject to the time that they extend from the moment they were issued until the sentence established on an execution process is executed, another of their characteristics is their versatility, since it can suffer modifications as long as there are adequate scenarios for it to occur.

A clear example of a precautionary measure is the so-called preventive seizure, which is based on the immobilization of various assets since the individual who is in a lawsuit process, this in order to ensure that the sentence is put into practice in an appropriate manner. effective. This procedure can be applied to the universality of things or, failing that, to individual goods. A preventive seizure does not mean that the goods involved cannot be marketed, it only establishes that said goods can be sold after an authorization by the judge that this process entails.