The catechism is a doctrinal book that exists in the Catholic religion, it establishes the bases of this religion, indicating what its ideals about faith are, it also explains in this text the traditions of the church and what is the way of act according to their morals, which means that this book exposes the most basic beliefs that the Catholic Church has had over the years.

The main characteristic of this text is that it is written in a simpler way than that of sacred writing, that is, it is inspired or based on the Bible but it is explained in a very easy to understand way, so that its reading is enjoyable. and rewarding for those who want to live and learn about the Catholic precepts, and this is because it is said that one of the meanings of the word catechism is “teach in a way that is well understood”. On the other hand, it is the book of the catechism, it also includes the set of rules that people belonging to or related to this religion should know, which they should put into practice so that they can learn them and thus lead this way or style of life, that is that is to say, that they live coupled to the Christian commandments.

It is a tradition that people are initiated into Catholicism at a very young age, when they are still a child, which is the reason for the main characteristic of the catechism, so that children can have an easy understanding of what is contained in it. explains, this text is a kind of manual where it does indicate what the Christian doctrine is. In order for the catechism to be considered as such, it must contain the following foundations or main themes: belief and faith in God, the sacraments, prayers and Christian commandments. Always in these types of books the main character is God and his son Jesus Christ, knowing and learning about his life. The period of learning or training in which catechism is necessarily used is called catechesis.