The cat is one of the best known animals and distributed around the world, it is usually associated as a pet. Most likely, their affinity with man will have something to do with the fact that cats have been at the side of human beings for more than 8 thousand years, keeping them company or even being considered as gods. Regarding its characteristics, this is a small, carnivorous animal whose characteristic features are: a rounded head, rough tongue, short legs, prominent nails, quite sharp and retractable, in most species the fur It is abundant and very soft, the pupils on the other hand are dilated to be able to see better in the dark.

Regarding its gestation, the cat is born after nine weeks of gestation. When the kitten is born, it usually finds its ears and eyes covered, however it can smell and a few weeks after birth it is ready to survive. After almost nine weeks the cat is no longer breastfed by the mother, however it does not lose its relationship with the family group. Cats are characterized by being extremely active and playful animals.

The cat, as is well known, is one of the few animals in which domestication predominates, however there are cats in the wild. A cat can live between 12 and 14 years at least and is characterized by being quite agile in every way, they have the ability to jump great heights and climb wherever they want with the help of their nails.

In general, cats are endowed with great intelligence, hunter by nature, so any species smaller than this size that moves in front of your eyes will arouse your attention and its predatory instinct will make it chase you. This behavior does not disappear despite being domesticated, living in a house, since it is very common that the domesticated cat, if it has the opportunity, will catch insects, mice and even birds.