The term carpentry is used to define a trade and the place where wood works are carried out, who is in charge of carrying out these tasks is called a carpenter. The main objective of this work is to change the appearance and shape of wood, to create tools from it that are useful to humans, whether they are doors, toys, furniture, among other things, for many the working with wood is more than a trade, it is an art.

This work is one of the oldest in the history of mankind and has been spread around the world since time immemorial, for this reason, according to each culture and region, it is possible to find different ways of treating wood. Formerly the main object in the manufacture of wooden products were the doors, also the windows, chairs and tables, with the passing of the centuries and through the appearance of new materials such as aluminum, the use of wood for this already has put aside. However, it has opened new forms of carpentry, an example of this is what is currently known as aluminum carpentry, this term is generally used to refer to those places where products are made from aluminum.

Returning to woodworking, it should be mentioned that different types of wood can be found around the world, however, carpenters usually have their favorites, this may be due to the ease with which they are worked or the beauty of the same, some of the most used types in the world are the following, cedar, ebony, pine, beech, oak, walnut, carob and pinotea.

The main tools that a carpenter must use to work with wood are the saw, which is used to cut small pieces of wood, the brush to clean it, the sandpaper to eliminate irregular surfaces, the drill which helps to drill the same to add different ornaments, the hammer, the saw to cut larger parts, among others.