A Cardinal is an official of the Catholic Church who is a member of the Vatican College of Cardinals. His main function falls around him, since his task consists of helping and advising the Pope in his decisions and purposes to be fulfilled. The title of Cardinal is imposed only by the Pope and represents one of the highest investitures in the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Cardinal carries with him symbols of great historical value for religion, such as a chain with a cross at the end and a ring, both of gold, and his clothing is red and white, which is delivered at the time of the Public Consistory, act in which the Pope gives the Title of Cardinal.

The etymology of the word Cardinal perfectly describes its function, since it comes from the Latin «Cardo» which means «Hinge or Support Point«, that is, a tool in which the main object can bend its ideas until they become decisions or fair and solid actions against the questioning society that is in constant movement, for what is said or executed must be in accordance with the interests of both the institution and the masses that have faith in it.

History shows us the cardinal figure very involved in politics, there are even references that indicate that the monarchs and kings of England at the time took the position of Prime Minister and gave it to a cardinal to execute it, in France That also happened, but with the evolution and liberation of the nations of the Spanish empire, that functional behavior of these was finished. Currently, according to the Code of Canon Law, it is the power of the College of Cardinals to organize everything related to the election of the new Pope. In a certain way and comparing it with a government of any country, the cardinals act as ministers and collaborate with the adequate execution of a government in which laws and norms are dictated which are accepted by all the representatives of the church in the world. In Venezuela, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino is also the Archbishop of Valencia.