Capacity are the qualities that an entity destined to perform a function has. It would be good to say that a washing machine has the ability to wash clothes, however the capabilities vary and are more complex as the body that owns them is more aware of the actions it performs. The ability to perform a task is oriented to several fundamental factors, one of them is the destination that was awarded to it, if something was developed to fulfill a certain function, its only capacity will be to fulfill that function, because that is what it was created for. , the orientation of the abilities of an agent to decide and have reason for his actions is multiple, it will depend on the needs and causalities that arise along the way.

The capacities of a person are highly complex, they evolve day by day with the insertion into society of technology and mechanisms to make things in everyday life easier, human beings have the property of developing specific capacities, becoming practical and elaborate in that and recreate at will their abilities and aptitudes for their own good and what suits them, the precept is clear that the knowledge acquired must be invested for the good life, the prosperous administration of the family and the surrounding environment. Animals without the ability to think on their part, only develop skills predetermined by their race, the manifestation of an extra or supernatural behavior on any of them is rarely observed, this is considered abnormal given the little capacity these have to develop others. qualities or functions to which nature dictates. Animals lack that sense of superimposition of ideas, they do not have the characteristic of evaluating priorities, since their dependence on the search for food, constant procreation and behaviors of protection of territory prevents the possibility of new ideas for their consciousness.

The abilities that are acquired by nature are radical, obvious in the normal functioning of the creature, however, those around him and who have already advanced in obtaining skills must teach the little ones so that they develop more expertise to do things. of the life.