The term calamity comes from the Latin “calamitas” or “calamitatis” which means blow, scourge, scourge or damage, but in another sense it is used to denote disaster or misfortune, this word derives from an Indo-European root. In our language, when we use the word calamity, we do so to refer to misfortune, misfortune, suffering or adversity that affects several individuals. This phenomenon alters the regular order of things depending on where it happens. A very vivid example of a calamity can be a natural event such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, plague, volcanic eruptions or in such cases man-made such as war.

The word calamity is also used to describe an incompetent, clumsy and incapable person or individual who does not go well and all kinds of misfortunes or bad luck happen to him. Also when mentioning this word it is to emphasize that something is of poor quality, and that it causes a bad impression on the eyes, that is, something that is not well done.

Another very particular use is to refer to a domestic calamity, this word describes, in the workplace, a severe event in the family or at home and affects the common development of the occupations and tasks of a person at work, these could be a illness, death of a family member or friend, or serious injury; therefore, the head of said entity or organization will be in the situation of granting the employee who suffers such a calamity the opportunity to resolve this event.