Cacophony is the phonation that arises as a result of the use of words that are pronounced in a similar way, within several or in a sentence that are close to each other in a speech, reading, song, among others; that is to say, it is the repetition of pronunciations which, when joined, are shocking to each other, which generates an unpleasant sound for the ear of the recipient of the message.

The cacophony can also be used to identify the deficiency in terms of a person’s language, if you are in the presence of a cacophony, some recommendations would be to replace singular words with plurals, use different synonyms of a word and reorient the order of the words that they conjugate a sentence, in order to avoid the repetition of sounds close to each other.

Some examples of the redundancy of words in a sentence can be: “I’m crazy crazy and she’s crazy… I put it on and she takes it off”both when pronounced sound the same, for this reason it is difficult to identify the sentence being used; “they gossiped to the gossip about the gossip that was told yesterday”“the pipe is damaged”, “the camcorder is not filming”, “my mom pampers me”.

Cacophony can be classified as a bad vocabulary or language, since its use is essential in some literatures such as poetry, the use of cacophony is essential or rather the basis for creating a poem, it is also essential when it comes to create a tongue twister and to teach the vocalization of syllables to children.