The origin of the word is said to be old French cabinet, which means private room, in current French it is cabinet, which refers to a part of a house or small room such as the sewing room, the reading room, or the library as the office, which being a work area becomes or refers to the person itself, as in a ministry, government department or government cabinet.

In certain parts of the world, the words have the same or different meaning, such as in Colombia, where cabinet refers to a roofed terrace or balcony of a house or a hacienda that served as a viewpoint, as it is also said to the kitchen and to the combination already the amount of the set of tables, showcases or cabinets that make up the kitchen, which are the cabinets where food and utensils such as cooking pots are stored, this same term is also given in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico. Being that a cabinet, cupboard or shelf is made of iron or wood, it is said because they are used to store anything such as medicines, glassware, liquors, books, groceries among many other things.

In the government there are a certain number of ministers in each of the departments, in charge of certain political issues, these are called cabinet whether they are in charge of foreign relations or the decisions of the national press department. In medicine it is said of a room or room that is full of medical devices or with medicines and medical books, where they do check-ups, exams and consult their patients. As the room that is only used to demonstrate medical and scientific advances, it is also of artistic interest where only the samples are kept, the research carried out on the most relevant discoveries of the time, such as the physics cabinet or of a scientific museum, the cabinet of natural history that being in this place is a great honor and a temple of the wisdom of the passing of time, at present many of these places are still in perfect condition, in itself this complements the property that belong to this type of rooms.

In old houses, a room intended for important people was used only to be served if they had to talk about important and reserved topics.